Introducing the New Carrier with theComfort and Freedom Pets Crave!
Featuring an all mesh, see-thru construction, in three convenient sizes.
Take your pet anywhere...with ease!

See what some of our customers have to say:

Jayne Steffens - Milwaukee, WI:
"We just love our new "See-Thru" cat carrier and so do the cats. We keep it set up in the living room behind the sofa and they use it as their "cat house." When it is time to travel in it, it is already home to them."

Tricia Imbrillo - Veterinarian Assistant - New Haven, CT:
"I use the mesh carrier for my dog, a bichone fraise, and my 2 cats. My dog won't go in any other carrier, but he enjoys the mesh carrier because he can see everything that is going on outside. Also, the mesh carrier is the only carrier that my cats do not get upset being put into. My cats are very relaxed when they enter the mesh carrier."

Nancy Barnes - Ft. Lauderdale, FL:
"Thank you for inventing the all mesh pet carrier. My cats love to sleep in it. I keep it out all the time so they are not afraid of it. Of course there have been a few disagreements - but only on who gets in first! They still don't share very well! Travel to the vet is also so much easier now. Thanks again."

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